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Concrete sleeper retaining walls are a valuable inclusion in landscaping and even more so for slopping blocks to add support to the overall structure. If the area is sloped and has loose soil adding a retaining wall to maintain the structural integrity. While also adding security to the yard and possibly a feature to the outside area.

If you have a sloping block or just need a retaining wall in Jindalee we offer a professional concrete sleeper retaining wall service. We are specialists in the construction of concrete retaining walls across Brisbane and it’s surroundings, with experience in large housing development sites & smaller residential projects.

Brisbane Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls, prides itself on the ability to overcome difficulties, other builders may consider too hard to pursue. This persistence, even in the most troublesome projects, is evident in a retaining wall job at Jindalee.

Ommaney Road, Jindalee poised precariously upon the banks of the Brisbane River. Provides an exceptional example of the experience and ability of Brisbane Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls. Its location on the river bank provided beautiful views of the Brisbane River; although access to the site, and a sheer drop off resulted in a heavily constrained site.

Retaining Wall Jindalee
Retaining Wall Jindalee
Retaining Wall Jindalee

Firstly, conventional retaining wall equipment was not able to reach the constrained site; forcing the team to use a mini-excavator. (see image) However, even the smallest excavator didn’t have a clear path to the bank. Tight squeezes, barely wider than the excavator, makeshift ramps, bridging stairs cases and maneuvering over boulders had to achieve the retaining wall.

Secondly, once all the equipment reached the site, there was another setback. Being the gradient of the bank, as it was too steep for the excavator.

Though the excavator is equipped with grousers, allowing it to maneuver uneven terrain and the steepness of the slope. The hand-cut tracks were needed to enable the machine to access the site to drill pier holes for the concrete sleepers.

Jindalee proved a problematic site, with extensive constraints on both access and maneuverability. However, through the experience of our excellent team. Drawing upon their wide range of expertise, We were able to overcome the limitations and produce an excellent long-lasting retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Jindalee
Retaining Wall Jindalee
Retaining Wall Jindalee

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